Native Linux Installation on Bay Trail tablet ?

Cheap chinese win8 tablets are prevailing recently. Native linux install seems possible on EVERY tablet this year.

It has been a year since I finished my linux on-top-of android project. Although a user-mode linux is a great addition to android tablet, a lots of applications are problematic in chroot environment. Buggy firefox audio, poor performance, segfault due to lacks of sysv-ipc, not functional usb device unless connected under android environment in advance…. TF700t & HP touch Pad were the only tablets supported by Arch Linux ARM community ( and with NVIDIA proprietary driver fully working ) until the end of 2014.

Devices with Intel’s Z3775 Soc are incredibly cheap. This company literally spent 1 billion on tablet chip subsides. Linux has been installed on Bay Trail laptop such as Asus transformer book T100 two years ago. It’s 2015 now. Low-end tablet with X86-64 cpu such as Z3735 emerged. And they shipped with UNLOCKED UEFI bootloader. Of course there are problems such as unbootable sd slot, unsupported yet bootable usb port, and buggy 32bit only bootloader. Boot from usb by manually going through UEFI shell is very possible.

Currently, a cheap Chinese tablet isn’t on top of my shopping list due to inconvenient oversea shipping. I would definitely get my hands dirty if I get one of these. Maybe I’ll buy one this summer. Probably a Cherry Trail tablet, eh ?

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