Don’t buy anything comes with Bay Trail cpu if you’re a linux user. [ Linux on Teclast X80H Baytrail Tablet ]

It has been almost three years since Bay Trail is launched, yet linux support is still terrible and glitchy.

Seriously, bay trail is already out dated, discontinued, and always sucks in performance. There is no point buying it if linux can’t run perfectly on it. It have been two months since I got a Teclast X80H. Booting linux is fairly simple if you got the correct bootloader. Because most (if not all) bay trail tablet shipped with a 32bit UEFI BIOS despite the cpu is 64bit, you need a true 32bit UEFI shell and a kernel with CONFIG_EFI_MIXED=y enable to boot 64bit linux. Most 32bit uefi shells shipped by modern distributions won’t work but a few do. SD slot is sdio and unbootable, but usb slot/hub/keyboard/storage works. Entering BIOS and setting up external usb boot is a child’s trick, period.

The fun doesn’t end here. To defect glithes you need:

CONFIG_PINCTRL_BAYTRAIL                           enable mmc reader
rtl8723bs                                                                 wifi driver
(It would be wise to disable btcoex and use network manager instead of wpa_supplicant if you don’t like strange stuffs popping up in dmesg and very long associating time)
CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_GOODIX=m          touchscreen (3.19+ required)
rpmb patch                                                            fix annoying lock up
CONFIG_INPUT_SOC_BUTTON_ARRAY        enable volume keys but not power button
triggerhappy daemon                                        xdotool when volume key is pressed
CONFIG_BMG160=m                                          orientation sensor
iio-sensor-proxy                                                   orientation sensor bridge

Not yet working but will be needed:


That’s it !
Hardware acceleration works partially in some kernel (3.19) because tsc/refined-jiffies clocksource will affect the playback speed. You might get a blank screen but xrandr  rotate right  command would unblank it. I915 in kernel 4.0 will only work if KMS is disabled. There isn’t any working clocksource yet. BTW, tsc clocksource would lead to touchscreen constantly clicking itself.

ACPI/ALSA won’t work. Bluetooth/Camera possibly won’t work ever.
Charging won’t work in linux. (windows is just okay)

EDIT: 2015 Apr 23 :   charging driver entered linux-next-git  ( linux 4.1 )

WIFI support is mediocre. Backlight won’t work.

Don’t buy this tablet !! It’ doesn’t worth it.

One thought on “Don’t buy anything comes with Bay Trail cpu if you’re a linux user. [ Linux on Teclast X80H Baytrail Tablet ]

  1. Rushme

    The Meegopad T01 is in the same boat. It needs most of the same drivers and kernel flags. What I do is install using the latest debian multi arch, and then recompile the 4.1 kernel that’s in testing with the right flags to get the sd card reader running.
    Sadly, nothing fixes the bios backspace bug on my hardware (there’s a few hardware variants but my APM-D01 isn’t patchable).
    Oh, and only the older 3.16 is stable enough. The 4.1 kernel hangs once or twice a day while the 4.2 kernel can hang on boot in the first couple of minutes of running.

    Like you said, if you want to use linux with Bay Trail, get ready to jump through some hoops.


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